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The Phillippines
16 December 2000
Rome, Italy
16 August 2000
Kayak Show
1 August 1999
Arctic Golfing
10 July 1999
Greenland Natl. Day
21 June 1999
The Ice Cap II
19 June 1999
Mount Dundas
23 May 1999
Bus Assault
20 May 1999

Bus Assault

Security is a big issue on American bases around the world, because the United States is involved in a lot of international military actions. The risk of terror attacks is therefore always present. At Thule Air Base, as well as other US Air Force bases, the military police called the "Security Forces" has been trained to react swiftly and correctly towards terror attacks.

To tell a little bit about their tasks they had a little exhibition showing the weapons and other equipment they use. Later on there was a demonstration of a bus assault. The demonstration was given by the "Emergency Service Team", and the entire action had been taught in even the smallest detail, so that no one would be in doubt about their task.

The team started in formation and on a given signal they ran towards the bus each one with their specific task in mind. Someone stayed outside to guard those going into the bus, and it was all over in seconds, which is why I haven't got that many pictures, but enjoy the few I got...

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