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The Phillippines
16 December 2000
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16 August 2000
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1 August 1999
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10 July 1999
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21 June 1999
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19 June 1999
Mount Dundas
23 May 1999
Bus Assault
20 May 1999

Mount Dundas

Climbing Mount Dundas is just something that you cannot skip while visiting Thule Air Base. So no matter how many excuses they could come up with, Trina, Tina, and Karina where unable to avoid it. I had borrowed a pick-up truck and in the afternoon (when the girls woke up), we drove to the old settlement of Uummannaq lying just in front of Mount Dundas.

Still happy and cheerful we started our ascend but very fast the fun stopped and each of us where trying to convince our legs to keep going. The mountain is about 700 feet high and it is quite steep so in just split seconds you start to transpire heavily, especially if you are in the same bad shape as I'm in.

After climbing for about 10 or 15 minutes including various breaks we reached the final 60 feet. These final feet are so steep that you need to use the rope safely secured on top of the mountain. After succesfully passing that obstacle we found our selves at the end of our journey - The Mount Dundas Summit - Taking a moment to catch our breath we then enjoyed the scenic view of the old settlement below us and Thule Air Base in the distance. The weather was getting better and from time to time the sun found some holes between the clouds.

Going down was a bit easier and faster, especially Karina wanted to get down as fast as she could. She fearlessly threw herself down the mountainside just to have to sit and wait for the rest of us. All in all it was a nice little trip although the weather could've been better.

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