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The Phillippines
16 December 2000
Rome, Italy
16 August 2000
Kayak Show
1 August 1999
Arctic Golfing
10 July 1999
Greenland Natl. Day
21 June 1999
The Ice Cap II
19 June 1999
Mount Dundas
23 May 1999
Bus Assault
20 May 1999

The Ice Cap II

The weather was brilliant, so I felt like going for a little hike to see the glaciers close-up. Michael was the only one I could persuade, so the two of us took of in a 4WD Toyota Landcruiser. The sun was shining down, but there was quite a bit of wind, so as time went by we discussed other places to go. We drove as far as we could towards the ice cap and got out of the car. The wind was pretty strong and we decided to settle for a little trip up on the ice cap, just about 500 feet away from the car. The ascend had to be done using a giant snow mountain, and as we walked uphill, we found out that once more determining distances is very hard. Boy, it was a long walk.

Finally we reached the eternal ice, and then what? It's just white everywhere around you as far as you can see. We sat down and enjoyed a coke and some chocolate, took some completely stupid pictures which was actually quite funny to do. The wind was strong though, so pretty fast we got cold and decided to head down to our car.

Safely reaching the car we went to enjoy a panoramic view of the 3 glaciers seen from the BMEWS radar station. The fiord was still covered with ice but all over you could see blue spots on the ice indicating that the ice is melting now. Soon it will all be gone.

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