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16 December 2000
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1 August 1999
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20 May 1999

Kayak Show

On todays program is a kayak show performed by one of the locals.

He does not appear to be a great man, the little greenlandic who walks down to the water with his kayak. But as you know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. My first impression was of course completely wrong.

The kayak is put in the water and swiftly he enters the tiny vessel. He paddles app. 5 meters away from the shore to get clear of the shallow waters. The water is just above the freezing limit, så he starts of by getting his body used to the low temperature. His face clearly shows that the water is very cold and you get chills all over just by looking at him.

Shortly afterwards he sits calmly in his kayak, smiling and looking at the audience. Ritually he bows and then turns the kayak upside down. The audience is stunned. The kayak turns around again and people are applauding loudly as he catches his breath after having had contact with the cold water.

He makes other turns, some of them quickly after another, and some nice and easy. Everything in complete control and with a precision and elegance that clearly shows how skilled he is in kayaking. After several different turns he yells out something in greenlandic. Apparently he needs a cigarette.

He rows ashore and is given, not a cigarette, but a cigar. He coughs a little and laughs, which also make the audience laugh. Then he paddles out again. The paddle is placed along the kayak and he raises his right hand holding the cigar high. Then he turns around keeping the cigar above water. The left hand appears on the other side of the kayak, reaches over and grabs the cigar. He finishes the turn and just sits there smoking the cigar. The audience is going crazy.

But the show is not over yet. He returns the cigar and paddles out again. He turns the kayak around and starts paddling upside down. It looks pretty funny and people are laughing and applauding as he turns around again to catch his breath.

A few more tricks are being showed and the audience loves it. Then he ends the show with another ritual bow. It has been a great experience, and I look impressed at the little greenlandic as he gets out of the kayak and wrings the water out of his socks.

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