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The Phillippines
16 December 2000
Rome, Italy
16 August 2000
Kayak Show
1 August 1999
Arctic Golfing
10 July 1999
Greenland Natl. Day
21 June 1999
The Ice Cap II
19 June 1999
Mount Dundas
23 May 1999
Bus Assault
20 May 1999

Rome, Italy

On August 16 my girlfriend and I went to Rome for 5 days. I had never been there before but my girlfriend had, so she was the tour guide.

As you can propably tell from the pictures the weather was excellent and it made us very happy that a "helicopter" was installed on the ceiling in our hotel room.

The Catholic Church celebrated the "Gubileo 2000" and somehow they had decided that a youth festival had to collide with our visit. This meant that the city was just a little crowded with young people from all over the world. For most of the attractions you had to get in the very long line if you had the patience.

We decided not to let us bother by that so we walked the streets of Rome instead of using the overburdened public transportation system. Some of the attractions we saw, you can see on the pictures, e.g. Colosseum, Forum Romanum and the Trevi Fountain.

Rome is an encredibly beautiful city, and just by looking at the old ruins and thinking back 2000 years you can practically see the master pieces that these buildings were.

We did not see all the attractions but then we have an excuse for going to Rome another time. I'm already looking forward to following the footsteps of Caesar.

In the evening we went out to try some of the many restaurants in the city. It was almost always delicious, so that gives me another thing to look forward to.

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