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The Phillippines
16 December 2000
Rome, Italy
16 August 2000
Kayak Show
1 August 1999
Arctic Golfing
10 July 1999
Greenland Natl. Day
21 June 1999
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19 June 1999
Mount Dundas
23 May 1999
Bus Assault
20 May 1999

The Philippines

Luzon is biggest island of the approx. 7000 islands of the Philippines. Here my girlfriend and I arrived in the capital Manila. The next 3 weeks we would spend in this giant archipelago having close to 75 million inhabitants.

Vi spent the night at a hotel in Manila and headed for our final destination the next day. This was the big bay called Subic Bay. The area used to be an american naval base but operations were suspended in 1991. Instead people are now trying to live on tourism.

We found a decent hotel where we could relax and enjoy the sun, the beach, and the water during the day. In the evening we often went to one of the many restaurants in the town that we lived in.

I had the opportunity to experience some scuba diving which was totally great. The bay had seen it's share of war battles and as a consequence a lot of ship wrecks were scattered around the bay. I saw one of those myself on a dive where we went down to about 30-40 feet below exploring an old wreck from around 1890.

After having spent 2 weeks in the area we decided to see some other parts of the country. We rented a car and went on a little adventure along the west coast of Luzon up to the mountain area. On the way we saw some good no-nonsence cockfigting.

In another town we agreed that we had to try some native massage but that was quite a disappointment. Luckily it was very cheap as most things are in the Philippines.

In the mountains the temperature was a bit more pleasant and the views were amazing. In the city of Baguio 5000 feet above sea level we spent the night at a hotel. Early next morning we went to the local market to buy some fresh fruit og vegetables. Especially the strawberries were good.

After shopping we drove all the way back to Subic Bay and returned the car. From there we went to Manila where a Boing 747 from Lufthansa was ready to take us back to Frankfurt, Germany and from there home to chilly temparatures in Copenhagen.

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