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Beautiful photos from the area around Thule Air Base.

Read a little about the cold and harsh climate in Thule.

Up-to-date weather forecasts for the entire world and general info on weather.

Thule Weather
See the detailed weather reports from Thule Air Base hour per hour.

The climate in Greenland is arctic ... and that means cold! Especially in Thule located so far north. Up there the average temperature in the winter time is on the colder side of -20 degrees Celcius (-5 degrees Fahrenheit).

The sun doesn't rule up there. Thule is located far north of the polar circle and therefore part of the year goes by in almost total darkness. From around mid November till mid February the sun isn't anywhere to be seen. On the other hand the sun never sets in the 4 months around summer time. In July the average temperature reaches 5 degrees Celcius (40 degrees Fahrenheit).

The weather isn't just cold. The wind also has a lot to say. At Thule Air Base they operate with different storm levels: Storm Normal, Storm Alert, Storm 1, Storm 2 og Storm 3. When a Storm 2 is called every person with non-vital work functions must return to their barracks and wait for an announcement of the storm level going down again. Being outside during a Storm 3 is considered life threatening.

Precipitation is scarce but that doesn't mean that there's no snow. It comes blowing of of the ice cap 10 miles away from the base area.

Take a look at the weather situation on base right now...
Avg. temperatures
Pituffik, 1961-1990
January -23,3° C
February -24,6° C
March -24,1° C
April -17,0° C
May -5,6° C
June 1,5° C
July 4,6° C
August 3,8° C
September -1,7° C
October -9,8° C
November -16,6° C
December -21,6° C
All year -11,2° C

Source: DMI

Pituffik, 1961-1986
January 6 mm
February 6 mm
March 4 mm
April 6 mm
May 7 mm
June 7 mm
July 16 mm
August 24 mm
September 18 mm
October 12 mm
November 10 mm
December 8 mm
All year 124 mm

Source: DMI

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